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Grobo Nutrients
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Nutrient Perfection: Grobo provides a complete set of specially formulated nutrients designed to cater to every aspect of your plant's growth. Our nutrient system optimizes pH levels, ensures proper nutrition, and maintains the perfect nutrient balance. Grow healthier, more vibrant plants effortlessly.

Five-Step Nutrient Kit: Our nutrient kit comprises five 250ml (5 fluid ounces) bottles, each with a unique role.

Coco Pod Growth Medium: Kickstart your plant's journey with our included Coco Pod Growth Medium. It offers the ideal foundation for healthy root development and robust plant growth. With Grobo, you're setting your plants up for success from day one.


It's a universal income proposal.  CitizenGrown, they are the superheroes of cannabis, they realize cannabis comes from community and culture and neighborhood, that cannabis provides live, to create, to be.

Wu Tang Clan

The most Uber thing we’ve seen since Uber.

Jahan Khanna
Entrepreneur, Investor, Product Exec at Uber

For too long the marijuana industry has taken advantage of people who, for all intents and purposes, look like me. CitizenGrown attacks that head-on.

Bakari Sellers
SC House of Representative '06 - '14

What CitizenGrown does is give the opportunity for 'poorer people,' everyday people, to participate in one of the greatest growth areas in economic history.

Alan Solow
Political strategist, Senior Obama Advisor

We're at this point in history where we can flip the narrative about automation and technology -- in an emergent market like cannabis, it has the ability to be a great equalizer, providing access to education, democratizing wealth creation, enabling real systemic economic growth.

Deepa V. Sood
CEO, Citizen Grown

When I got into the industry, i didn't understand the scope of the problems...this is about levelling the playing field.

Jedd Canty
Chairman, Co-Founder CitizenGrown

Citizengrown x Compliments of the Chef

from raekwon the chef


We work with brands aligned with our social justice mission, applying our expertise in all aspects of cultivation to their needs in order to grow together and build the foundation for a people-first cannabis economy.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Hashstoria x CitizenGrown
In Oklahoma, with our partner Hashstoria, we are growing premium flower, creating top shelf products, and launching our pilot home-grow program, creating our inaugural group of Citizen participants.
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Detroit, Michigan
Menace x citizengrown
In Michigan, in partnership with Menace Media, we are re-imagining cannabis processing, leveraging local talent to promote the brand and allowing our Detroit pilot program of Citizens the opportunity to be owners in our venture.
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